Closing this door

Published June 12, 2017 by tanika05

Hey all, 

It has been a minute! Anyway, I finished my post bacc, but I stil have retakes to do elsewhere.  Thus, I am still in the game so to speak!  I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Charles R. Drew Un of Medicine and Sciences! I am grateful for the relationships that I have solidified with faculty and some students!  I was able to work on two amazing research teams.  Now, I can focus on the few classes that I have left.  I am also still doing amazing in my doctoral studies! I changed my dissertation to Infant Mortality. I have to consider where to pull raw data sets! I heard that it takes months for the gov’t to send the data sets.  I am sitting for the mcat for the last time nxt summer!  A lot of work ahead, however, God will assist me each step.   I am also excited that all of my friends that have come out of our post bacc have gotten into med school.  People questioned me on attending a post bacc with no linkage.  God is the linkage! Simply, put! What God has for me, is for me! The key is timing!  This next 12 months will be difficult but worth it! I am still applying to two international schools as another option.  I am open to God’s possibilities! 

More classes

Published March 28, 2017 by tanika05

So, yesterday I paid for a science course with UNE.  It overlaps classes that I am taking in my post bacc and doctoral program.  Right now, I am completing classes at 3 schools.  I can handle it.   I need to get A’s in these retakes. My sciences are old, so I am spending money to put my med school app in a great position.   That is all…

Changed my mind lol

Published March 11, 2017 by tanika05

Money is so important in our education pursuits.  I was going to take embryo this summer but opted to save money.  I make payments for my post bacc.  Most students take out student loans there, but my loans are solely for my doctoral degree.  Anyway, I am going to repeat my physics courses because they are 10 yrs old. Though I did well back then most med schools will not accept pre-reqs older than 5 years. So, I have money aside to take physics 1 and 2 at UNE.  I will save on gas and time this summer. I can stay home focus on the mcat, physics, and my doctoral course work.  The final senester in my post bacc (this fall), I will take biochem and two random courses.  After I leave, I will be able to get a committee letter for med school.  This summer I will rest and work from home.  God is good because this literally came to me yesterday as I was relaxing. Spring break is here so I will enjoy this coming week!


Life and more Life

Published March 6, 2017 by tanika05


I have 3 more classes to go before dissertation.  I also decided to take 3 more classes in my post bacc.  I have old courses that I  need to retake like physics. I decided to just take those at UNE later this year.  My professor in the post bacc is ordering 2k mcat questions from aamc at my request.  I can practice and practice even more!  I also have new mcat books to study a few hours a day. Then, I will do tpr in april of 2018.  Guess what? I am only applying for one cycle in the U.S.  I am thinking about the top five carib med schools again.  Though, I believe that I am a stronger candidate for U.S. programs now having excelled in my post bacc.  I am also doing research at my school. My director switched me from working under doctors that do clinical trials to A doctor that works in HIV Prevention.  We will see how that goes.  Everything is preparing me for destiny!!!

Good day!!

It is possible

Published March 6, 2017 by tanika05

I have a lot to say, but I cannot type it tonight.  I want to share some good news about a friend. I have a friend that completed the post bacc last yr. She took the mcat 4 times and the 4th was a charm. Last week, Morehouse School of Medicine offered her a seat!  I am so proud, what God has done for her is amazing.  She did not give up and neither should you!!! Be encouraged!!!


Published January 18, 2017 by tanika05

On Monday, I walked in the MLK DAY PARADE with my school! It was a great moment and I was reminded of the struggle that has opened up the doors for me!! I can say a lot! However, all I want to say is thank you Dr. King and the many that fought during civil rights!

Pics as I prepared for the parade!