Published April 11, 2018 by tanika05


Just got back from Denver! Gotta update yall on the arduous work in the next 12 months of finishing up my doctorate. I am tired but will update soon on that…

MCAT IS COMING AND I AM DOING 80 hrs a week in this final stretch. Lots to remember but it will get done. Later…tired from the Denver trip!!✌🏾


Annoying things happen

Published March 30, 2018 by tanika05

So I had to invest in another MacBook. I have a macbook pro but wanted something lighter. I got the air. The major reason is my dissertation requires so much work. Writing, working with a statistician and etc. I am on a tight budget so I decided to get it off qvc. Things break down sometimes right before you end a phase in life. Hey, God provides! Chin up yall!!


Published March 22, 2018 by tanika05

Hey you,

So my friend just got into USC school of dentistry. She and I were in the post bacc program together. She’s in her 30’s, married, and had a third baby last year. She worked really hard and it paid off. She is also a woman of faith. Today, I just want to encourage you to continue on.


Published March 14, 2018 by tanika05

Hey world,

It’s been a while. Lots going on but nothing new going on. I have been meaning to blog feelings about the dangers of being prideful. I am bringing it up because it is a trend everywhere especially in academia. As a child, I came from humble beginnings but excelled exponentially in school. With age and being taught by a wise mother, I learned that God truly resists the proud, as stated in the bible. I also learned that I do not know it all. If I knew it all I would have foreseen dangers, pitfalls, and etc. As you walk through this medical journey, make sure that you’re always aware that there is a huge learning curve no matter how academically smart you claim to be. Sometimes, God will use life to allow the ego to humble itself. If you knew it all your name would be “God ALMIGHTY.” If you knew it all, there would be no diseases or injuries because surely you could cure and prevent such. Humble yourself even if your knowledge base is extensive.. if not you will endure that which King Solomon said in “Proverbs 16:18, Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” In essence he is saying those that are prideful will soon fall due to their pride.

Aight so keep your head up be humble because if not I guarantee the fall is coming.


Published March 3, 2018 by tanika05

Nothing new but studying! So far I have done 3 kaplan full lengths. I am not beat for the scores. I started aamc section banks today and enjoyed it!

On doctoral tip, we have a major group project due in two weeks. So, I will kill my section next week. No full lengths next week just reviewing content on questions I have done thus far. I just ordered next step prep’s extra CARS section.


And so it begins

Published February 22, 2018 by tanika05

Final class in the program starts on Monday. I also start the course for my proposal portion of the dissertation! I have to travel to Denver soon for the final residency of the program. There I meet with my professors and etc and discuss the dissertation process. I also meet up with classmates and have lots of work to do with them.

Took my first full length mcat last week. Will continue to test each week till I sit for the exam. I will do about 7 kaplan full lengths, 4 next step prep, and the final tests will be the aamc. So far I have kept to the plan. That is all! I have insomnia due to pmdd tonight πŸ™„!! Will run to Burbank to see Black Panther with my cousin on Saturday! I must make time for Tanika!!

Good day..


Published February 12, 2018 by tanika05

Just submitted my paper! It ended up being 23 pages! The interpretation of the data in spss was arduous! I now have two weeks offπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—! Back to the mcat hardcore! Last class and dissertation starts in two weeks! I have 2 oral defenses for the dissertation. People have no idea how detailed and tough that a dissertation could be…. but one day at a time!!!