Life I wonder..

Published November 30, 2017 by tanika05

Well, I was locked out of the blog due to my last phone breaking 2 weeks ago!! I had to wait for the cell phone co. to send a new phone. Then, my aunt passed away in New York. My grandma is one of 14 kids! I was close to my aunties as if they were my mom’s siblings! I never called them “great-aunts.” Most of my grandma sisters’ moved to both NY AND CT during the great migration! So, I grew up with them. I was devastated when my auntie died needless to say! Then, the drama that seems to happen with families occurred around her death! Folks arguing and fighting 😞😞😞…I was not able to make it to the funeral this past Tuesday due to lack of funds. The crazy part about it all was people were texting and calling me with their drama! I could not believe the audacity! I literally had to tell people to leave me alone and call on Jesus for their issues. Sometimes I wonder if folks even know that I go through pain and hurt too! I cry too! Geesh!

Then, I injured the hip flexor from hiking too much. The doc is sending me to PT and to a sports med doc for a shot of cortisone to loosen the ligament!

Then, I just found out that My dissertation is starting this term! Wait!!! What?? Huh? My school told me it starts MAY OF 2018! Welp, I was advised wrong! I am starting now! That means I have: school, mcat, mcat prep course, organic chem, and endless writing for the dissertation! How in the world will I get this done? Only through Christ! Last night I was so stressed, I called my oldest bro! He is now a pastor! I said sir pray for meπŸ˜‚! He did and I felt the peace of God that surpasses all understanding!

Lastly, I had braces as a kid for five years! Guess what? My jaw shifted and I now have braces as an adult! Another added expense but my mom taught me to always invest in my mouth! So that is how I have been!

Still keeping up with the MCAT done will be done with the biochem book by Sunday!



Published November 12, 2017 by tanika05

Totally tired! After church, I have to submit a twenty paged paper for the final! I pray that I maintain the A in this course! Two more classes till dissertation!! Taking tomorrow off to rest! I have to see the ENT Tuesday, then back to mcat studying!


Published November 3, 2017 by tanika05

Hey all,

I am so tired.  Anyway, I calculated the hours I have spent on MCAT since late Sept and it totaled to 106.5 hours so far. Who knew?! I definitely did not feel as if I was covering ground.  The main thing is not the hour logging but nailing concepts.  I am slowly doing that! Right now, I am doing bio, cars, biochem, and gen chem.  Physics I will do last.  I hope to be done with content by Dec 31st.  On a doctoral note, next week I have two assignments and a 20 page paper due for the final.  I will not study the mcat next week until all of that work is done and submitted.  Then, I have two weeks off, which gives me solid mcat study time!  Oh and I am visiting Western Un School of Osteopathic Med on the 18th.  They have a preview day for prospective applicants! We will eat breakfast there, tour, meet admissions, and etc.  Anyway, let me head to the docs to get bloodwk done.  Then, to the gym and then starbucks to study! 

Life balance

Published October 29, 2017 by tanika05

Every Saturday that I feel well, I hike at Runyon park.  The incline is arduous but worth it! I also make sure that I’m at the gym a few days out of the week.  All study and no me time will lead to burnt out! Take time out for you!
I took this shot while walking! 

Time toward the mcat

Published October 28, 2017 by tanika05


Quickly… remember when going over the mcat whether content or testing… the time spent watching videos of difficult concepts are counted as study time as well.  Last night, I spent about 30 mins watching vids and taking notes.  It was a weak area of mine in chem that I could not grasp via kaplan’s book!  I put the book down and got it! I was able to skip that enitire chapter after watching vids! Keep pressing on!!!

DNA polymerase

Published October 26, 2017 by tanika05


I guess I gotta give props to a teacher that I did not like in our post bacc.  She was something else and has a history of complaints from students! However, after looking at some of the cell bio content on the mcat, I must say she did a good job at teaching DNA polymerase and the Okazaki fragments.  I did well in her cell biology class but it was not an easy class.  Now looking back, I guess I learned something😜!

Starbucks and no chill

Published October 24, 2017 by tanika05

So I am dedicating 40 hrs a week to mcat study! I am treating it like a job! My mcat partner is dedicating 30 hours a week to the test as well!  I will have more than the suggested 500 hrs before sitting for the test in the spring.  When I am not studying I will be writing papers in doctoral studies!!  This week we have a paper due on applying theories to global occupational and environmental health!  Three more weeks and this class is done! Closer to dissertation!! 
Btw This will be my last time taking the mcizzy cat lol! Anyway, toodles!!