And so it begins

Published February 22, 2018 by tanika05

Final class in the program starts on Monday. I also start the course for my proposal portion of the dissertation! I have to travel to Denver soon for the final residency of the program. There I meet with my professors and etc and discuss the dissertation process. I also meet up with classmates and have lots of work to do with them.

Took my first full length mcat last week. Will continue to test each week till I sit for the exam. I will do about 7 kaplan full lengths, 4 next step prep, and the final tests will be the aamc. So far I have kept to the plan. That is all! I have insomnia due to pmdd tonight πŸ™„!! Will run to Burbank to see Black Panther with my cousin on Saturday! I must make time for Tanika!!

Good day..



Published February 12, 2018 by tanika05

Just submitted my paper! It ended up being 23 pages! The interpretation of the data in spss was arduous! I now have two weeks offπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—! Back to the mcat hardcore! Last class and dissertation starts in two weeks! I have 2 oral defenses for the dissertation. People have no idea how detailed and tough that a dissertation could be…. but one day at a time!!!



Published February 9, 2018 by tanika05

Hey world,

I have a 20-25 page paper due on Sunday! The paper writing is easy but interpreting data in spss has been a challenge! Grrhh and I have a teacher that takes like 30 points off when we interpret wrong. I am annoyed and upset! The only solace is that this is my second to last class in this program! This class may hurt my awesome gpa, but I will take the hit!! Next term is my last class in conjunction to starting the dissertation! Just trying to get this paper done! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ Close to being a doctor of public health! Next, doctor of medicine!!!

No mcat studying this week! Too much doctoral work! I have a vacation starting Monday so I will be doing full lengths hopefully late nxt week!


When having low funds works for you

Published February 1, 2018 by tanika05

Hey guys,

Short and sweet! Due to having low funds, I was approved for the reduced fee for the mcat and aamc will pay for 16 med school apps for me! My brother paid the dividend for the mcat. This came from GOD! I booked the mcat for June! I have four more solid months of study! In the interim, my school assigned us dissertation editors! That is a relief because I no longer have to worry about grammar in writing! A friend of mine was the first in our cohort to finish the doctorate! Her graduating showed me that I can get the DrPH done before med school!



Published December 31, 2017 by tanika05

God willingly, I will start doing practice questions finally! I have a lot of resources but I will start with the below book and plus kaplan stuff! I also start kaplan’s prep course on thurs (shout out to Kay)! That’s all!!


Published December 29, 2017 by tanika05

I hope all is well! Have not felt too well in the past week. I struggle with PMDD every month (look it up if you are UNaware regarding this disorder). Just got up from a short nap and will knock down a MCAT chapter. I have one more chpt in GEN CHEM …then on to the final book “physics.” I will start testing myself each week after I am done with physics. I also purchased MORE REINFORCEMTS TO HELP IN STUDYING …HAPPY NEW YEAR

Life I wonder..

Published November 30, 2017 by tanika05

Well, I was locked out of the blog due to my last phone breaking 2 weeks ago!! I had to wait for the cell phone co. to send a new phone. Then, my aunt passed away in New York. My grandma is one of 14 kids! I was close to my aunties as if they were my mom’s siblings! I never called them “great-aunts.” Most of my grandma sisters’ moved to both NY AND CT during the great migration! So, I grew up with them. I was devastated when my auntie died needless to say! Then, the drama that seems to happen with families occurred around her death! Folks arguing and fighting 😞😞😞…I was not able to make it to the funeral this past Tuesday due to lack of funds. The crazy part about it all was people were texting and calling me with their drama! I could not believe the audacity! I literally had to tell people to leave me alone and call on Jesus for their issues. Sometimes I wonder if folks even know that I go through pain and hurt too! I cry too! Geesh!

Then, I injured the hip flexor from hiking too much. The doc is sending me to PT and to a sports med doc for a shot of cortisone to loosen the ligament!

Then, I just found out that My dissertation is starting this term! Wait!!! What?? Huh? My school told me it starts MAY OF 2018! Welp, I was advised wrong! I am starting now! That means I have: school, mcat, mcat prep course, organic chem, and endless writing for the dissertation! How in the world will I get this done? Only through Christ! Last night I was so stressed, I called my oldest bro! He is now a pastor! I said sir pray for meπŸ˜‚! He did and I felt the peace of God that surpasses all understanding!

Lastly, I had braces as a kid for five years! Guess what? My jaw shifted and I now have braces as an adult! Another added expense but my mom taught me to always invest in my mouth! So that is how I have been!

Still keeping up with the MCAT done will be done with the biochem book by Sunday!