Closing this door

Published June 12, 2017 by tanika05

Hey all, 

It has been a minute! Anyway, I finished my post bacc, but I stil have retakes to do elsewhere.  Thus, I am still in the game so to speak!  I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Charles R. Drew Un of Medicine and Sciences! I am grateful for the relationships that I have solidified with faculty and some students!  I was able to work on two amazing research teams.  Now, I can focus on the few classes that I have left.  I am also still doing amazing in my doctoral studies! I changed my dissertation to Infant Mortality. I have to consider where to pull raw data sets! I heard that it takes months for the gov’t to send the data sets.  I am sitting for the mcat for the last time nxt summer!  A lot of work ahead, however, God will assist me each step.   I am also excited that all of my friends that have come out of our post bacc have gotten into med school.  People questioned me on attending a post bacc with no linkage.  God is the linkage! Simply, put! What God has for me, is for me! The key is timing!  This next 12 months will be difficult but worth it! I am still applying to two international schools as another option.  I am open to God’s possibilities! 


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